Ashoka was the descendant of the great Mauryas, who ruled India in the second and third century B.C. His reign extended from 273 to 232 B.C. He diverted all his energy to bringing peace and happiness to spread the word of Buddha; after that he was known as Dharam - Ashoka The imperial policy was expessed and inscribed on pillars which were known as Seven Pilla Edicts. The Ashoka Pillar at Samath reminds us even today of his greatness. The three lions that adorn it, the "Dharma Chakra" has been adopted by the Indian Government as the device of its national seal.


Tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven native to India. This oven is of ancient origin and can be traced back several thousand years. The shape of the Tandoor is cylindrical and comes in a variety of sizes. The Tandoor is fully buried in sand for insulation. Charcoal is used in the Tandoor. A temperature of 800 degrees is maintained inside the Tandoor. Every Indian bread served at Ashoka is baked in the upper section of the Tandoor. This is done skillfully by slapping the dough against the oven's intensely hot, curved walls. The meats are pre-treated with yogurt and a special blend of spices for a period of twenty-four hours. Then they are cooked in their own juices over a bed of hot charcoal inside the oven. All dishes are served steaming hot and you will find our preparations to be fully authentic. We provide catering services for all special occasions.